Orders,Notification & Amendments


Notification Date

Sources of data considered for determination of gas price ceiling applicable for the period Oct 2016 to Mar 2017 20.03.2017
Notification regarding exemption of duty of excise on crude oil production 13.05.2016
Policy for the Grant of Extension to the Production Sharing Contracts Signed by Governments awarding small, medium sized and discovered fields to private Joint Ventures 28.03.2016
Revision in rate of cess 28.03.2016
Marketing including pricing freedom for the gas to be produced from Discoveries in Deepwater, Ultra Deepwater and High Pressure-High Temperature areas 21.03.2016
OM w.r.t D&M Report - Block KG-DWN-98-2 15.12.2015
Marginal Field Policy of ONGC & OIL 14.10.2015
Notification/Amendment in PNG Rule 1959 06.12.2014
Codification of GIPIP 27.12.2013
Integrated Development Plan 21.10.2013
Shale Gas Policy 14.10.2013
Re-constitution of Steering Committee for National Gas Hydrate Programme (NGHP) 11.10.2013
Scheduling of Management Committee Meeting 11.10.2013
Kelkar Committee TOR 10.5.2013
Funding for DGH 11.4.2013
To develop a talent pool for shale gas technology 12.2.2013
Exploration in Mining Lease Area after Expiry of Exploration Period 23.1.2013
Management Committee Matters 3.12.2012
Submission of Bank Guarantee for NELP blocks 23.1.2013
Nomination in the Management Committee Meetings 30.8.2012
Setting up of an Inter-Ministerial Committee to Accord Necessary Clearances for Exploration and Production Activities in Oil & Natural Gas Blocks 26.7.2012
Nominations of the Government Representatives in the Management Committee Meetings 24.7.2012
Security of Single Point Moorings (SPM) 03.07.2012
Ranagrajan Committee TOR 30.5.2012
Bank Guarantee Default Report 22.05.2012
Gazette Notification- No. 720 20.4.2012
Gazette Notification- No. 860 19.4.2012
Issue of Essentially Certificate for Pre-Development Activities 18.4.2012
Procedure for Convening Management Committee Meeting 26.3.2012
Approval /Signature on Minutes of Management Committee Meetings 20.3.2012
Bank Guarantee Default Report in Respect of Production Sharing Contracts 7.3.2012
Monitoring/examination of proposals under PSC 23.8.2010
Pricing & Commercial Utilization of Coal Bed Methane (CBM) 19.7.2010
Grant of Rig Holiday in Deepwater Blocks and Implementation Issues under Production Sharing Contact (PSC) Regime 19.7.2010
Controlling delays in project execution for PSC 18.3.2010
Standard Format for Transfer of Participating Interest 4.3.2010
PNG Rules Amendment about PEL fee 25.11.2009
Crude oil price committee 19.9.2009
Participating Interest Transfer/Amendment to PSC in NELP Blocks 28.8.2009
Royalty Calculation 28.8.2009
Issuance of NOC for Grant of Import Explosives License 8.10.2008
Issue Related to Payment of Liquidated Damages 5.8.2008
Guidelines and check list for Government nominees on Management Committee 30.6.2008
Directives for Issuance of Essentially Certificate 16.6.2008
Annual work and budget format 27.5.2008
Extension of the Exploration Phases 6.5.2008
R&D Status for KK Basin Blocks 17.4.2008
Determination of Cost of Unfinished Work Programme 23.1.2013
1. Policy for Determination of Cost of Unfinished Minimum Work Program under Pre-NELP & NELP Contracts 17.12.2007
2. Policy for Extension of Exploration Phases for Exploration under CBM Contracts 17.12.2007
Gazette Notification-No. 384 21.8.2007
Wellhead definition and royalty 20.8.2007
1. Policy for Merger of Exploration Phases under NELP-III & NELP-IV 27.6.2007
2. Policy for Substitution of Additional Metreage Drilled in Deepwater Wells 27.6.2007
Nomination on Management Committee meetings 17.5.2007
Clarification in Gazette Notification 20.3.2007
Gazette Notification from Ministry of Environment & Forests 14.9.2006
Gazette Notification of Empowerment in the DGH 1.9.2006
Data disclosure in public domain 28.8.2006
Extension of Exploration Phases in Respect of 19 Blocks 24.8.2006
Guidelines for uniform system of classification of hydrocarbon resource 30.5.2006
Guidelines of Announcement of New Discoveries under PSC 25.5.2006
Policy for Extension in NELP & Pre-NELP PSCs 18.4.2006
Gazette Notification- No. 177 28.2.2006
Gazette Notification – No.554 16.12.2004
Nonpayment of Government dues under PSC and recovery from sale proceeds 3.5.2003
Gazette Notification – No. 160 1.4.2003
Site Restoration Fund Scheme 1999 16.2.1999
NELP Resolution 10.2.1999
Applicable TT buying or TT selling rates 30.9.1995
Memorandum of Understanding between Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas and Ministry of Coals for Awards of CBM Blocks 9.9.1997
CBM Policy Approved by the Government 19.7.1997
DGH resolution 8.4.1993
PNG Rules 1959 1959
ORDA Act 8.9.1948