Link AAdhar to LPG (Other Modes)

  • IVRS

    Call your company's number and follow IVR instructions. The list of numbers for each district can be found here:

  • SMS

    Consumer can send two SMS to register (SMS-1 and SMS-2). The list of numbers can be found here:

    • For IOC / Indane consumers:
    • For HPC / HP Gas consumers : HP ANY TIME No. e.g for State AP 9666023456
    • For BPC / Bharatgas consumers: 57333 (All India), 52725 (Vodafone, MTNL, Idea, Airtel & Tata users)

    *How to register your Mobile number with your Oil Company Register your mobile number as per steps given below:

    Steps IOC BPC HPC
    Step 1
    Register your Mobile Number
    Send SMS IOC < STD Code +
    Distributor's Tel. Number > <
    Consumer Number > (e.g. IOC
    1126024289 QX00827C)
    Register your mobile number
    with your distributor
    Send SMS
    REG distributor telephone
    number with STD code without
    zero consumer number
    (e.g. REG 117654321 564321)
    Step 2
    Send SMS for Aadhaar submission
    UIDAadhaar number
    (e.g UID 343434343434)
    UIDAadhaar number
    (e.g UID 343434343434)
    UIDAadhaar number
    (e.g UID 343434343434)