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Latest News
Title Downloads Publish Date
Appointment of Shri Utpal Bora as CMD OIL Download (347.01 KB) pdf 13/07/2016
Notification regarding exemption of duty of excise on crude oil production Download (742.69 KB) pdf 13/06/2016
Constitution of working group for Preparing Approach Paper for enhancing Refining Capacity by the year 2040 Download (644.4 KB) pdf 10/06/2016
NIO Format for submission of bids & Price List of Information Dockets and Data Packages for the Developement of Discovered Oil & Gas Fields in India Download (9.84 MB) pdf 27/09/2016
Good International Petroleum Industry Practices Download (11.01 MB) pdf 26/05/2016
Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana - Scheme Guidelines Download (1.53 MB) pdf 31/03/2016
Revision in rate of cess Download (153.1 KB) pdf 28/03/2016
Kerosene Free Chandigarh from 1st April 2016 Download (78.17 KB) pdf 01/05/2016
Hydrocarbon Exploration Licensing Policy Download (374.84 KB) pdf 30/03/2016
Policy for the Grant of Extension to the Production Sharing Contracts Signed by Governments awarding small, medium sized and discovered fields to private Joint Ventures Download (500.44 KB) pdf 28/03/2016