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Title Downloads Publish Date
Constitution of Steering Committee to develop and monitor norms for economic usage of diesel/fuel for various tractors Download (1.28 MB) pdf 29/11/2017
Indian PNG Statistics 2016-17 Download (10.9 MB) pdf 01/11/2017
Cabinet approves survey of Un-appraised Areas of Sedimentary Basins of India Download (83.93 KB) pdf 13/09/2017
Additional GST FAQ Download (261.73 KB) pdf 11/09/2017
CWG for preparing approach paper for enhancing Refining Capacity by 2040 Download (211.88 KB) pdf 24/08/2017
Pre GST Vs Post GST Tax Rate Analysis for Petroleum Products under GST Download (126.34 KB) pdf 21/08/2017
FAQ on GST Download (408.58 KB) pdf 14/08/2017
Constitution of steering committee for bio fuels program Download (1.23 MB) pdf 25/07/2017
GST Media Access Point Download (158.49 KB) pdf 14/07/2017
Memorandum of Understanding between MoPNG and GAIL Download (1.02 MB) pdf 11/07/2017